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The Beatitudes

Jesus' Beatitudes, Paraphrased From Matthew 5:3-10

(Vs. 3) Blessed are the poor in spirit--those who feel the destitution of losing their connection to God. The emptiness of self holds the secret to being filled with God.

(Vs. 4) Blessed are those who mourn--those who take their broken hearts to God. It's from inside their mortal pain that they will discover the strength of God's eternal embrace.

(Vs. 5) Blessed are the meek--those who recognize their own humanness and shortcomings, even as they deal with the shortcomings of others. They will be given the earth to savor, because they have gotten out of their own way.

(Vs. 6) Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness-those who will not gorge themselves on the garbage of greed, but only have an appetite for God's love feast. They will be satisfied.

(Vs. 7) Blessed are the merciful--those who forgive as they have been forgiven. As they stretch to offer grace, they expand their capacity to receive grace.

(Vs. 8) Blessed are the pure in heart--those who have allowed life's refining fire to burn away every selfish fear and cloying attachment. They will see God in everything.

(Vs. 9) Blessed are the peacemakers--those who boldly carry all-embracing love into the midst of the world's hostilities. They are truly God's sons and daughters.

(Vs. 10) Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness' sake-those who courageously shake the foundations of Fear's strongholds with the radical demands of Spirit, unprotected by the armor or weapons of Fear. God's new order is coming to earth through them!

Rev. David Inglis
Henrietta United Church of Christ

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